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I have started Sharpshooter Sheath Systems to produce Top Quality, Innovative Kydex Sheaths for people who use their knives. I put my experience as a user into every design to ensure that the sheath you buy will be safe, secure and functional. You’ll recognize and appreciate the handmade quality every time you carry your knife.

Leather Sheaths can’t be beat for tradition and appearance but let’s face it; you see tons of old Case and Marbles knives some from the early 1900s. But it’s VERY unusual to find a sheath even for the knives that served during WWII, simply put, leather doesn’t endure hard use.

Kydex is a high performance thermoplastic that is unaffected by water, blood and many chemicals including the skin acids that eat up many of the older sheaths. A Sharpshooter Sheath Systems Kydex sheath will last as long as the knife. A premium quality field knife deserves a Sharpshooter Sheath System.

Knives get dirty in use and most of the time we don’t bother cleaning the knife before resheathing it. No matter whether the sheath is leather, nylon or Kydex, the dirt collects inside the sheath, holding water which promotes rust and scratching the blade. Most of my designs include a drain hole to make cleaning a simple matter of flushing the sheath out with water.

I’ve lost a few knives over the years, never while using the knife but rather because the knife fell out of its sheath somewhere during my wanderings. I also hate retaining straps that seem to always be in the way or get sliced off. That is the reason why I design sheaths to positively retain the knife while still allowing easy resheathing without a strap.

Generally the sheaths are set up to attach a Tek-Lok or other attachment you choose. Attaching Hardware is not included on most sheaths so you can choose the type of clip you prefer.

As you can see I also have some rather innovative designs filling some needs that I have perceived thru the years as a user of knives. I have a pretty complete collection of Bark River Knives so generally I can make yours without having to ship the knife. But I'll sheath anything, if you have the desire and cash, I'll sheath a 1958 Chevy, so don't be shy to ask. What's shown here are basic guidelines of what I've made to this point. If you don't see it, ask for it. And YES I can make it for the Lefty's of the world at no extra charge.